Balls to sour grapes?

Not long ago I blogged about a local business – someone that makes weathervanes. The owner regularly changes the design of the one above his sign, usually for something topical.

For weeks it had been a rugby player, kicking a ball.

But as soon as England was kicked out of the Rugby World Cup he changed it to a sailing boat.

Here in Dorset we’re planted firmly in England, but Wales are still playing. At the time of blogging they were minutes away from a semi-final match against France.

I’m pretty certain that I can get from London to Cardiff without the need for a passport, so that makes me proud for the Welsh.

On BBC 2’s breakfast show, Chris Evans has spent the past week promoting all things Welsh. Incidentally, he’s not Welsh. Two of his cousins actually play for Scotland.

On Thursday we were treated to a Male Voice Choir and yesterday a harpist played live in the studio. The music played was predominately Welsh too – from Tom Jones to the Manics, from Bonnie Tyler to good old Shakin’ Stevens.

So when my local weathervane manufacturer opted out, his replacement of the rugby weathervane by a sailing boat leads me to only one conclusion – it’s a heavily disguised bunch of sour grapes, masquerading as a boat. Incidentally, during Wimbledon fortnight he sports a tennis player...when was the last time a Brit or an English person won (1977, Virginia Wade)?

Come on Wales, do it for Britain!

PS Sheila's Welsh - that makes me a very Welsh supporter!