Sorry doesn't really come close!

Blame it on the wine, blame it on Happy Friday, but I want you to rejoice with me...Strictly's back!

Yes, the hit BBC show (Strictly Come Dancing) is back to fill our Saturday and Sunday evenings. For die-hard fans like me, there's also Strictly, It Takes Two on BBC2 Monday to Friday too.

Stop yawning.

I don't 'do' reality shows, but Strictly's different. Forget Big Brother - a bunch of wannabes picking their noses and the X-Factor, a bunch of wannabes with hair extensions. No, Strictly's where the talent is.

Fame, glory and success doesn't come easy - the celebs have to train, train, train. They have to put their lives on hold, juggle their careers and risk humiliation every Saturday night.

No, Strictly's back. All is well with the world - according to Baggy, at least.

Oh, and Jason to win!