Say a little prayer...

Do you have a hobby, something you do to relax? I possibly have too many. But as the alternative would be to sit around feeling bored, I’m happy to be spoilt for choice.

My grandfather’s hobby was making things.

During the depression, when work was scarce, he occupied himself in a very practical manner. From odd strips of fabric he would make rugs. As well as keeping himself busy, a new rug was always welcome.

He also enjoyed working with wood. I have a lovely trolley he made – ideal for wheeling afternoon tea into the lounge. Today it proudly stands on my top landing, adorned with family photos, heirlooms and one of my prized possessions – a dolls house.

My parents gave me the house for Christmas one year. More than forty years later and I still haven’t played with it enough. It still has all the furniture and even some small dolls too.

Another heirloom made my grandfather is fixed to a wall on another landing. From a kit he produced The Lord's Prayer – with all the words ornately and carefully cut from the wood. It’s a heavy beast – I couldn’t lift it to the wall and it had to be fixed professionally. Apparently he made two of these – one for the local Methodist chapel and the other for his own home. I can remember it in his bungalow.

After my grandparents died the Prayer was kept by my parents, but they didn’t have anywhere suitable. Today I’m proud to have it in my house – it’s an usual item that attracts compliments and that makes me very proud.