A sad search

Have you found IMDb - The Internet Movie Database? Enter a film's name into Google and more often or not the IMDb site will be top of the pile. Often, too often, I'll reach for my lappy during a film to check on the cast. If it's a film I'm particularly enjoying I want to know what else the cast have been up to.

Last week I watched Dirty Dancing and pondered the cast's subsequent achievements. We all know of poor Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach untimely deaths.

But what of the others? Max Cantor played the sleazy Robbie Gould and he appeared in only one other film after Dirty Dancing - his brief biography revealed he'd died two years after the film was released. According to Wikipedia he was also a journalist. While researching heroin addiction, he succumbed to temptation and died of an overdose.

That puts my search for trivia into a very sad perspective.