On the buses!

A few of the most recent posts are from another list my parents gave me - Rodney, Betty Turpin, Colman's Mustard, Wedding Anniversaries and the Defence of the Realm were all their fault.

But here's a final one from that list - Bus Trips. I'm going to cheat here and recount a tale I shared on another Blog.

I'm passionate about Exmoor and am lucky enough to have a friend who lives there. We try to meet up when I visit - usually for a cream tea, or two!

Last year we made a trip of it and set off on an open-topped bus. The journey began at Minehead and then we nipped along the coast to Lynmouth.

Fortunately we're both as mad as each other, so even torrential rain didn't dampen out spirits.

We had a great time, wandering around amongst soggy trippers and the bus journey itself was a wonderful way to catch glimpes over the hedges too.

Just the ticket!