Odd October

Despite having had her one guess, MonkeyNuts emailed me the correct answer. I am in the back row, fourth from the left – wearing a head scarf.

And what of the other photo? Many moons ago I worked for a chain of restaurants – crunching their numbers, not ruining their food. The Conservative Party Conference was in town and their delegates had booked the restaurant.

John and Norma Major were guests of honour. I didn’t have much to do with them – apart from having the photo taken. But I do remember Norma thanking my boss for the flowers (incidentally the bouquet was frisked by the police before she received them).

John was very, very tall. I’m not short and was wearing heels – yet he still towered over me. Irrespective of politics I found him to be extremely charismatic.

It’s party conference time again and I’m afraid that means only one thing – I turn off the news. The manipulation of facts isn’t news.

A few weeks ago I posted about bonus days – those gloriously warm days at the end of the summer that creep upon us with delight. Well as we dive into October we’re experiencing more than just a few bonus days. We’ve just had a week of warm weather, really warm. Apparently it won’t continue. Snow’s expected soon!

To me, autumn sun is so very special. Today’s photo was taken early in October, a few years ago. We’d just experienced torrential rain with parts of the country flooded. I was visiting Exmoor and had wanted to walk near Simonsbath. The road was partly flooded and it would have been foolhardy to go anywhere near the river.

But I wandered down from the car park to sneak a view. Treading carefully I spotted this scene – an old barn, basking in the sunshine. Bonus days indeed!