Hot stuff!

If you could dream up a product whereby your hefty profit was bolstered by how much people didn't eat, what would it be? Too late - Colman's Mustard has been left on our plates since 1814.

There's even a famous quote by a Mr C - that their profits are made from what we don't eat. But why? No matter how much we know we don't want much, we just can't resist smearing it on our plates. Less is more? More is too hot. But give me more. But it's too hot?

What do you eat with it? Cold ham or beef in a sandwich teases my taste buds as I type. Others like it with their roast beef on a Sunday. And of course it's great for sexing up a cheese sauce too.

So however you choose to eat your mustard, just ponder how much you're leaving on your plate - that's where the profit truly is.