Happy Anniversary!

Brace yourselves, I’m going to mention Sunday lunches again.

The deal is, mum cooks it, dad clears up and I just eat. Last weekend dad was in a chirpy mood. The Baggies had beaten Wolves, which obviously had something to do with it.

Dad’s a whistler, I whistle too. Someone once said to me, ‘never trust a woman that whistles or a hen that crows’. I took it as a compliment, until then I would never have classified that noise as a true whistle.

But back to Sunday and dad’s tune. It was a beautiful piece, so beautiful I had to ask what it was. Dad revealed it to be Puccini's Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticana – ‘it was played at our wedding’.

This was a timely revelation for today, 18th October, the dear old Wrinklies, as I affectionately call them, are celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary.

As a youngster I never dreamt that my parents would ever be old enough to celebrate such a milestone anniversary. But I suppose I also never thought that my 50th birthday would be just around the corner. I know my mother would want me to add the following statement – she was a child bride, obviously!

Here's a link to the music, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.