God moves...

Having just watched qualifying for the Korean Grand Prix I caught a glimpse of Australian driver, Mark Webber. How similar he sounded to Bryan Brown - A Town Called Alice, Gorillas in the Mist

A few flicks of the remote and guess who pops up? But what the heck was Bryan doing in a tedious remake of The Poseidon Adventure - not the 2nd film version but a made-for-telly two-parter.

Strewth - forget flinging a prawn on the barbie, chuck this disaster overboard.

I joined it mid-ocean. The iceberg was still chilling, the vampire refreshed (albeit with too much hair) - the huge tsunami was a mere challenge waiting in the wings.

But with Sylvia Syms as the Jewish momma, could it get any worse?

As you may already have read, I'm quite partial to spot of disaster, so I feel impelled to wait for New Year's Eve. Let's hope it's a complete wipe out.