The Bridges of Dorset's Magical County

Dorset is blessed with beautiful scenery – rolling hills, rugged coastline and of course, rivers.

Near to home, as I’ve already blogged, I have the River Stour. Of course, what’s a river without a bridge?

Many are centuries old and bear reminders of a harsher past. The nearest bridge to me carries a warning – anyone wilfully injuring said bridge may be transported for life – and remember Dorset is the county of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, possibly the most famous of the transported.

The bridges of Dorset were built to carry a different kind of traffic – heavy juggernauts now drive where once wagons rolled. Thanks to modern engineering many can be preserved and strengthened. Transportation may sound harsh, but in today’s often disrespectful times, I certainly hope any damage would carry a worthy penalty.