And finally...

So here we are, the final post inspired by a suggestion made by my father. This will, I fear, be the most painful of them all - 'expensive daughters'.

Now I don't consider myself to be expensive and I doubt my father does either. However, he came up with the idea on a Sunday and on Sundays his judgement is always a little impaired.

For 95% of the year I am fed and watered by my parents on a Sunday. We sit down to a delicious roast lunch, followed by a tasty treat for pudding.

Rather than waste the leftovers, my ever-caring mother saves them for me so that I have another roast meal on Monday. The routine soon became so well established that I even take a plate with me. I deliver it empty and return home with it piled high with food.

If you think that should be enough, you're wrong. Mother's a practical person and while the oven's in use for the roast, she normally pops in a cake or two. Last weekend there were muffins.

So now we have a roast dinner and muffins. But that's still not enough. A quick survey of the fridge and there's chocolate wafer biscuits - far too many for my parents to eat.

Actually I need to re-think this post. Maybe I'm not expensive, just greedy?