Would you like a clue?

Today Mr Time has waited for no-one and had a stab at Baggy spotting:

"I'm going to guess second row, third from the left with the hat!"

That young lad is Gavin, Matty's best mate. I used to work with his brother - Gavin's not Matty's. And a few years later I moved into a flat he'd lived in. When I decorated the hall the paper was stripped off to reveal Jon and Karen's names and when they'd decorated it!

For those who can't be bothered to click on the previous posts, here's the photo. I'm in there somewhere and I'm in the back row!

Dear mate MonkeyNuts - who I thought knew me so well - thinks she's spotted me back row, third from the right. That's Alan. ALAN. A bloke. Male of the species.