Who does she think she is?

Another day and another emotion. This time I felt uneasy, disappointed and just a tad cheated.

I’m a great fan of Who Do You Think You Are? - the genealogy programme that has morphed into an insight into social history.

A few weeks ago actress Emilia Fox discovered fascinating facts about her father’s family. One ancestor was an industrial revolutionist and a philanthropist. He financed the Royal College of Music in London. Ms Fox was astounded by these revelations.

Let’s fast-forward to this week’s Radio Times. I normally scan the letters to see if there's any mention of programmes I’ve watched. Ms Fox’s programme had been commented on. But it wasn’t a love letter.

Apparently all the information about this ancestor was revealed in a book written by a close relative of the actress. The writer of the letter thought it unlikely that Ms Fox would not be aware of the ancestor or the book.

Me? I feel cheated. I would still have enjoyed the programme if she had revealed her prior knowledge. Shame on her if that letter was correct. I’ll keep you posted.