Roman Holiday - part 7

All too soon and it was our final day.

Elsa had decided that she’d taught us all she could and it was almost time to send us out on our own.

The morning was a flurry of cramming another church in before lunch at a restaurant. You can barely turn a corner without spotting a church. Despite having no religious leanings, I did find them fascinating. Lunch with the gang was optional and the three of us declined. We decided that by the time we’d all been served the day would almost be over. So we ate al fresco on the Tiber island.

Elsa led us to a new part of Rome that we hadn’t visited before, but in reality it was fairly close to the city centre sites.

By chance we came across the Mouth of Truth – made famous by Roman Holiday and Only You.

We walked around, soaking up the ancient sites and sounds. Jennifer's head was buried in her guide book. Apparently we were near the oldest drains in the city. She went to explore, we didn't.

Thinking back over that week I realise I've left out more than I've included - Marie and her giant gelato outside the Pantheon appears only as a photo. We never did see her dance!

Photos are a key part to any holiday - well they are to me. Jennifer, Jane, Marie and I all had photos of each other on our cameras and we exchanged email addresses. Later it was fun to receive photos of myself on holiday and I hope they enjoyed the ones I'd taken of them.

Rome and the people I met there will always remain in my memory as the best of times. And although this isn't meant to be an advert for the Ramblers - it was an excellent trip, value for money and perfect for the single traveller.

Our last supper - the moaners munched on another table.
Jennifer and one of her books.
Jane listens to Marie impart some more wisdom.
Baggy, Elvis and the Coliseum in the distance.