Roman Holiday - part 6

Before Rome as we know it, there was Ostia – its original port on the banks of the Tiber.

Jane and I knew it meant only one thing – more ruins. I know you’re sighing and shaking your head – why go to an ancient city and despair at the thought of seeing more ruins?

Well, they all looked the same after a while. That’s it, in a nutshell.

But we showed willing and went along for the (train) ride.

Elsa had decided we could spend all day there. By lunchtime we’d explored enough.

However, this is a remarkable area and if you do get the chance to visit, then go – but don’t set aside a whole day.

Most of our evening meals were included in the package, but tonight was a free night – albeit one we had to pay for.

Jane, Jennifer and I decided to eat a picnic dinner on the hotel’s roof. Near the hotel were plenty of places from which to buy pastries, pizzas, fruit and wine.

So Jane and I set off for the city to do some food shopping and to re-visit the Trevis Fountain. Despite missing our station we managed to get there in one piece and buy our wares. Cheap wine in Rome is still good. A carton costs £1 and it’s money well spent.

That night some of the others joined us on the roof and after we’d eaten we set off into the City once more. We’d decided it would be a crime not to see the sights at night and the Metro dropped us at the Spanish Steps, from there we walked along the bustling streets and stopped for a coffee.

For the third time we saw the Trevis Fountain, but this time illuminated. The bleary, out of focus photo of the three of us there is a good memory.

Back to the Coliseum and then a walk back to the hotel – all done in just a few hours.

That wasn’t on our itinerary but it was one of the best parts of the trip – even Ramblers can be random!