Roman Holiday - part 3

Today we were in for a treat. We rode the Metro to St Peter’s, took a side road and checked ourselves into the Vatican Museums.

A week wouldn’t be long enough there and we had just a morning.

As we continued our invasion of Rome we marched along to the head of the queue – we were booked in so there was no waiting in line for us.

More hi-tech here – we were kitted out with ear-pieces that would be great to hear our guide.

Now these museums are massive and very, very popular. It’s great to hear the commentary but it’s not without peril. As you absorb what your eyes are feasting upon it’s too easy to lose track of where you are. In your head you can hear the guide, but that’s one guide amongst dozens – at least.

Apart from two places, taking photos was allowed and I took hundreds. I think it was the ceilings mainly – I don’t know how old they were, I expect it’s in my book.

Raphael’s name kept cropping up as we tripped along and I do remember spotting a fresco that includes his likeness.

The final area visited is the Sistine Chapel. You can’t take photos there, although I saw some being snatched. Is it heresy to say I was disappointed? I think that’s as much to do with being crammed into a relatively small area with hundreds of people all straining the necks, looking towards the heavens.

The blue was just too blue – or did I miss the point? Perhaps my aching feet were to blame – and the atmosphere. It was very stuffy throughout the museum and I was glad to reach the cafeteria in time for lunch.

With food in my belly it was time for St Peter’s. Elsa gave us free range here and after a couple of hours of exploring Jane and I decided to find a café for more refreshment – just a coffee, of course. That didn’t last long.

We were disappointed that none of the others wanted to watch the sunset from the hotel’s roof the night before. So we decided to buy some wine and meet up a little earlier. Marie and Jennifer were in on our plan, we were ready to party!