No sex please!

I'm a bid of a flasher with my camera. I can take hundreds just on a short walk. All are kept meticuously in dated folders, some are posted on to another Blog, some aren't.

Towards the end of the year I begin choosing snaps to use for calendars. Each calendar is unique to the recipient - perfect for Christmas presents.

Last week I received a voucher from Bonusprint - 30% off all products. So yesterday I spent a couple of hours selecting the final photos for a dozen or more calendars.

After I'd ordered my Christmas cards I moved on to the calendars. Shock! Horror! Bonusprint have reduced their range and put up their prices. I normally order the desktop calendars - handy, amusing and not too dear.

I had to vent my anger and clicked on the 'contact us' page.

The third field that demanded completion was 'gender' with the options of Mr or Mrs. Now I always thought gender was about sex - male or female. I'm a spinster - so neither Mr nor Mrs apply to me.

What's the point to this post? None. Absolutely zilch. I do feel a little better for sharing - so that's a bonus, surely?