Monsters of Mount Scar!

One of the photos I had in my little cache was this group – taken in about 1973. It was the cast of the school play, produced by Mrs Stonebridge. Mrs S was one of those teachers for whom it was a vocation. She was patient, fun and full of fantastic ideas – this play being one of them.

Actually it wasn’t just a play. Some of us wrote little sketches – I did mine with Dawn and based it on Spoonerisms. All these years later and I can still remember my opening line. Dawn (front row, first on left) was a hotel manager and had shown me to my room. “Pather Roky, isn’t it?” Timing is everything and the audience needed to absorb the swapped letters, so we had to pause in all the right places. Thankfully we did, and it was deemed a success. Or should that be seemed a duccess?

The second half was dedicated to the Monster of Little Mutley. If I’m honest I can’t actually recall much of this. The group photo is of the cast dressed for their roles – a policeman, mother with baby (hello Fiona!) and various other undesirables.

Sadly at least two of those children have died. I’m no longer in touch with any of those school friends – perhaps they’ll spot themselves and get in touch?

Some have gone on to fine successes – married with children, running businesses - the normal but special things of life. Others actually left to become actors. One lad, second from the left in the front row, was in a TV advert for Blue Band margarine.

Peta, second from the right in the front row (dark skirt) played the young Lorna Doone in a TV series in the 70s. She’s now a drama teacher. Debbie, in front of the lad with a pipe, attended Elmhurst ballet school (following in the footsteps of Jenny Agutter).

Fine memories of a good school and a very good teacher.