Just because we can...?

...doesn't mean we should - could apply to a lot of what we do, but today it’s Apps – those wonderfully useful applications that can be downloaded to your iPhone. They can’t be downloaded to mine because I don’t have one.

As my life stands (or sits, actually), I have no need to be able to check my emails on the move. I have my PC at home and a baby lappy (affectionately called Blappy) for when I go away for either work or pleasure.

One of my friends is even less savvy with this stuff than me, but when she upgraded her phone her son-in-law helpfully got her an all singing, all dancing slab of technology. It looks lovely, but text messages go unanswered and photos taken last November are still there, rather than transferred to her computer.

This piece of plastic is used to make and receive phone calls – and not just when she wants. But yesterday she proudly showed me her first App – downloaded by a colleague. She pointed the phone skywards and was able to tell me what the planets were. Of course neither of us knew if it was correct – and we were a bit baffled that there seemed to be some motorways up there too.

As a control, we pointed it to the moon – and yes, it appeared on the screen. That was such a relief. If ever that large cheese-like thing in the sky baffles us, she can soon confirm its name.

Technology – our future in the wrong hands.