Caught by a shadow

As you can tell I don't take any of this too seriously - in fact not seriously at all.

Every now and then I'll enter a competetion of sorts - an on-line, free to enter, judged by peers kind of competition.

Previous winners get to choose a word and then anyone that can be bothered writes either a poem or a 200 word ditty - or both - inspired by that word.

For August's competition the word was shadow.

Shadows mean different things to different people.

It's often best to write about the first thing that you think of - in my case it's usually the last thing too.

Here's my take:

Close shave

Cindy loved attention. She could always sense when a man was checking her out. Instinctively she would thrust her small but well-padded breasts up and out. She couldn’t resist a sneaky peak, yes her bra was showing.

Pushing the toilet door open she half-whispered ‘Still got it. Might be nearly 50, but I can still pull when I want to.”

The room was empty so she had time to study her body in the long, narrow mirror. High heels tilted her thighs just enough to stretch the fabric of her skirt. The ash-dark bra – padded and wired to enhance any sagging mole hill – burnt through the pale silk shirt.

Looking up she scorned the fluorescent light. Laughter lines swore back, filled with smudged eye-liner. Her gaze fell to her mouth. Damn it! Her watch bleeped a warning, it was 5 o’clock. Not for her the pumpkin at midnight, this Cinders paid lip service to a different curse.

Rummaging in her bag she soon found her saviour. With a swish of a blade Cindy cut through the coarse hair, the shadow was no more. Puckering up she was ready to pull.

And the poem - which came second (out of more than two!)...

My darkest friend

Its comfort brings me fear
I feel it suffocate, drowning me
Pulled beneath into the darkness
Fighting gives no measure
Wrapped around, inside
The voice beckons
Calling me, I shout back
Scared, the shadow answers

Oh - and if you think I've cheated here and broken the Five Minute rule, then think again. I wrote both pieces in under five minutes. Ha!