Bonus time?

What's your favourite time of year? Me, well I love all the seasons - cold rain in winter, daffodils in spring, sun in summer - hopefully!

But if I had to dig deep, there is one time of year that's very special to me. Falling leaves tell me that even though we're still in the shadows of August, autumn won't be far away. It doesn't matter what kind of summer we've had, come the end of August and there's always a change in the air.

The days remain warm, the evenings light and yet change is definitely coming. I can almost smell it in the air. The warmth is a different warmth. I call those our 'bonus days' - days when you don't need a coat and the sun warms without burning.

The leaves will soon be falling in hundreds, rather than just the one or two I've spotted. After that we'll be counting down the days to Christmas. Bonus days will make that winter shorter, so accept them when they visit. And if they don't? Embrace that weather, it's what makes us British!