Another Peak!

Another disaster movie that actually was a disaster is Dante's Peak. Made in 1997 it brought together two stars that had both made their names in films that portrayed the realities of life - Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and Linda Hamilton (Terminator - I and II). Is that chuckling I hear at the back?

Despite what you might be thinking, Dante's Peak is actually one of my favourite films. Let me explain why.

Linda plays Mayor Wando (Rachel to her friends). Rachel's a single mom and runs both a business and a town. Confident, successful and the ability to strut her stuff, even when up to her neck in larva, Linda is the epitome of 21st century woman - filmed in the 20th, of course.

And what is the single one thing that Mayor Wando needs - apart from the extinction of the volcano? A hero.

Thankfully James, I mean Harry Dalton - vulcanologist - drives into town.

Yes there's flames, floods and flamingo - but with Harry by her side, Mayor Wando can overcome it all. So now we know - love conquers bad hair, vampires, icebergs, savages and volcanoes.

Flamingo - just checking you were still paying attention.