And the award goes to...

The world of Blogging has created its own little world of Bloggers. Some (not this one!) take it so seriously they have created awards. How does one win such a thing?

They work like chain letters.

You’re one of a number selected – the criteria is normally flattering, but vague.

On accepting the award you are required to copy the logo to your blog and then nominate more recipients.

This is all a cunning ruse to increase hits to a Blog. And of course there's nothing wrong with that. After all, there’s little point in creating a Blog if you don’t want it read.

Naturally you're not going to pass on the award to a Blog you neither respect nor want to be associated with. Nominees and nominators scratch each other's backs - hoping traffic will increase.

As I'm a lone sheep, rather than running with the pack I’ve decided to create my own award. The Baggster is only awarded by me to me. Now to write my acceptance speech...