Wild? I wasn't even livid!

I know what you're thinking, 'Oh here we go again, another post about films.' And yes, this one is about films. But why not?

Saturday evening I did my usual trawl through the channels and spotted Wild Wild West. Made in 1999 this film has been on TV many times - and yet I've avoided it. Until Saturday evening.

First of all let's get the punctuation out of the way. Why isn't it Wild, Wild West?

Now to the film. The reason I've almost avoided it is because it just never appealed. On Saturday I dipped in and found it even less appealing.

Will Smith - very good in the right kind of role. Kevin Kline - always very good. Kenneth Brannagh - supposed to be the greatest actor of his generation, but hardly on sparkling form here.

Maybe it's the kind of film you just need to suspend all belief and go with it. I can normally do that, but on Saturday I tried flipping hard to suspend it and just couldn't lift it above belly level.

I suspect the film cost millions to make - lots of special effects - but I'm afraid it wasn't enough.

But here's a small confession. Apart from a 20 minute snooze in the middle, I did manage to stick with it, albeit with half a heart and a bar of Cadbury's best. Shoot me now.