Well I'll be Blogged!

Blogs are great, aren’t they? They give the great un-washed access to millions, allegedly. Yes, we write, we get our message out there – although it’s hardly read.

No matter.

The good thing is, we’re not alone. Even that great Communicator, Writer and Strategist Alastair Campbell has a Blog.

I came across it by chance. I’d set up a Google alert and Mr C mentioned the topic and I received my emailed alert. Usually these alerts flash up some obscure non-association, but this one was rather good. Mr C writes as well as you’d expect from a Communicator and Writer. I’m not sure about his skills as a Strategist – but to quote my old mate Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad.

Check his Blog (Mr C’s not Mr M’s) by clicking here.