Smile please!

Do you have any favourite webcams?

Please stop tittering at the back – I don’t mean the naughty ones! No, webcams are a great way to keep tabs on other places, almost anywhere in the world.

Most locations have them, so you can even use them to check on the weather before setting off to the beach.

So where do I nip off to? Yellowstone National Park, Antarctica, South Georgia, Swanage, the Minack Theatre (Cornwall), Mount St Baggy and Rome are just some of the ones I dip into.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust had a webcam installed in a Barn Owl’s nesting box – from egg to bird, you could witness it all. Now the camera’s focused on a Bird Feeder – great for those staring at a forest of concrete.

Check out a webcam and escape to somewhere special, or even just down the road!