Ron Goodwin - genius

What could be better for a Saturday afternoon than a classic black and white film from the 60s? This weekend I had the good fortune to spot Murder at the Gallop - a Miss Marple murder mystery starring Margaret Rutherford.

The first thing that struck me as the opening credits rolled by was the perky music - scored by that great composer Ron Goodwin. Ron who?

Well I recognised that name - it appears in my iTunes list - one of my favourite movie themes is from 633 Squadron, another classic from the 60s.

But what else is Ron Goodwin responsible for? Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, Battle of Britain (see earlier Blog) and many, many more. Stirring and uplifting music with a timeless quality - music that will entertain for ever.

Another quick search on Google reveals that he was born in Devon and in later years worked with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Sadly he died in 2003, aged 77.

Classic films deserve classic music. Lucky us that we have both.