Procrastination – so what’s your excuse?

I make lists, normally virtual ones that exist only in what passes as my mind. That I create them albeit virtually, shouldn’t matter. I list, therefore I do should be my motto. Unfortunately my current motto happens to be I list, therefore I tilt, avoid, miss and don’t do.

Someone suggested creating a spreadsheet, so I did. I listed everything, even set time limits. That didn’t work.

Another thought post-it notes would be the answer. I could stick them where I’d notice them – on the fridge door (don’t kick it!), my computer monitor, the bar of chocolate bought as a treat. What happened? I’ve managed to open the fridge, use my computer and eat the chocolate – all without threatening to disturb any of those reminders.

It doesn’t matter what the task, I don’t need an excuse. It just doesn’t get done.

My biggest and only motivator is a deadline. A current article is needed by 1st October and I know I will meet that deadline - but until I feel that prickly feeling of panic I shall just coast along – eating from the fridge, using my computer for checking eBay and scoffing as much chocolate as I can lay my sweaty paws on.

I have a friend, yes really, and she's a Psychologist. I use a capital there because she has a degree in it - so knows what's what. She told me that the process of creating a list of bite-size tasks is the right way to address this issue. There's immense personal satisfaction in ticking off those successes - no matter how trivial they seem to be. Creating small tasks is the key - not big ones. That way you appreciate the feeling of success very early.

It's a little like losing weight. You decide you need to lose a stone. So until you've lost that stone you're a failure. Break it down, pound by pound and you're going feed the success side of your brain much sooner.

If you dream of writing a novel, that's a big challenge - a massive one. Even writing a chapter is going to be a daunting goal. So break it down into smaller chunks - a certain number of words a day.

Today I have set myself the task of creating a little list -

* Create a list
* Choose a nice font
* Change the font
* Eat something from the fridge
* Re-arrange the post-it notes that are stuck around my monitor
* Eat some chocolate

Apparently one should reward oneself with a little treat. I must add a note to buy some more chocolate.

Of course, in the time I’ve taken to write this Blog, I could have finished another draft…perhaps I should add posting on here to my 'to do' list - then I'd never, ever post again!