Mummy Dearest?

As promised, here's a little ditty about The Mummy - return of.

The film was the second of three (ignore the third, I switched off after five minutes - and only lasted that long because I'd lost the remote).

I suppose the Mummy franchise is best described as an Indiana Jones, but with more something. But more what? Perhaps romance - the couple fell in love in the first film and were married with a son in the second.

And what of the acting, I hear you shout. Rachel Weisz is something of an unknown quantity to me. In the Land Girls she was drippy and I hated her, or perhaps it was her character. The Mummy films are the only other films I've seen her in.

However she has won an Oscar for her performance in The Constant Gardener - but then Catherine Zeta Jones also has a statue for Chicago!, so that means nothing.

Other Mummy actors - Brendan Fraser (reliable, entertaining - but strange hair), John Hannah (used to like him until I heard him on the radio and can't believe how arrogant such a short man can be) and Arnold Vosloo (as the Mummy) make up a good cast.

So on reflection, watch The Mummy for tongue in cheek humour and action, but don't expect any classical performances. And remember, good entertainment doesn't have to be classic!