Movie Madness!

I never know until the last minute what each post will be about. Often I'm sat on the sofa watching TV when something, almost an idea, pops into my lappy. It might be a news item, an advert or the programme itself - hence the high number of posts that seem to have a film bias.

Well here's some advance warning.

It won't be long before the BBC film review programme, Film 2011, returns.

Until recently I didn't have easy access to the cinema. My local arts centre show 'big' films that I watch, but these are few and far between (The King's Speech was the last film I was lucky enough to enjoy at that venue).

But things change and I'm now spending some of my working week a stone's throw from a multiplex - an orgy of films, all day and every day!

So what does that mean? Well I shall listen to Claudia and Danny's reviews and then scurry off and watch the film that floats to the top of their creamy cocoa.

And yes, that means I'm likely to write about it here too!