Just when you thought it was safe...

I know, after yesterday’s post you were probably thinking ‘that’s it for movie stuff until Film 2011 returns.’ And I have to admit, I thought that too. But the thing with these blogs is that you can just write about what pops into that vacuum of a brain.

As I digested my roast lamb, cooked to perfection by my mother, I flicked through the Sunday supplements and happened across the viewing guide for that evening.

The Bridges of Madison County caught my eye. “Oh, I’ve seen that twice – that’s enough for any film”, observed my mother.

Me? I might even be in double figures but I’d still be watching it later. That got me thinking – what makes a film re-watchable?

Well Clint Eastwood cooked up this particular feast – he starred in and directed the movie. So that ticks a couple of boxes. Unfortunately that also makes him responsible for Meryl Steep. Now I know she’s won a couple of Oscars and I’ve watched her in some fine films. But in this one? She annoys the hell out of me.

Before you petition to get this blog cancelled, listen to my evidence. Her character is Italian and Ms Streep is infamous for her accents. Unfortunately I think she plays on this a tad too much and has developed into a one accent actor – much like Laurence Olivier did in his later years. You know they’re foreign, possibly European but you just can’t hammer the pin into one particular country.

Ms Streep also strangles the listener by twisting her tongue and face until it contorts. It’s almost like we have to extract her vowels and that’s never good. I can’t help wonder if she always talks like that – even with friends. If Meryl was lucky enough to be my friend I think I’d have to slap her.

And finally I call upon the refrigerator as my final piece of evidence. The what? As the film spans a few decades in the lives of its main characters we’re witness to their little habits. Ms Streep (I heard her reveal in an interview), thought that closing the refrigerator door with a back kick would be fun and typical of her character.

Really? This family lived a sparse life. I would imagine that buying that refrigerator was a big deal – especially for the woman. Why would you then mistreat it by kicking it shut? I don’t know anyone else that does that. Most people close the door with an elbow or a hip. It’s never kicked.

If you’re still with me you’re probably wondering why on earth I count this film as a favourite. Me too. No, I really do enjoy it – I love the scenery, the idea of Clint being a photographer, of drinking a cold beer in a warm kitchen, of loving and being loved for decades.

There’s much to adore in this film. I just don’t kick my fridge to death to prove it.