Hitting the road?

Lots of workers commute - they clamber on trains, tubes and buses every working day. Some of us are lucky enough to enjoy that journey.

Living in a rural setting, getting in and out of a larger town could create logistical problems. At times the roads are busy, but the scenery is always magnificent.

Driving along the lanes and roads of Dorset I get to witness the splendour of the countryside. At the moment farmers are busily harvesting their crops from fields I've seen planted, watched grow and now morph into severely cut plateaus.

It doesn't seem possible that a few months ago those glorious fields were buried under deep snow.

Last Friday my journey began in thick fog, but as I headed towards Hambledon Hill the sun began to burn through, casting wonderful shadows across the fields.

Of course it isn't just the natural beauty that entertains me on my way.

Houses are being thatched, homes built. Over the long months of commuting it's a pleasure to witness these changes.

As I drive through one village I pass a typically rural business - weathervanes. Manufactured behind the cottage, the owner chooses apt designs to hang above his sign and it's fun to wonder what that day's will be. A tennis player serving for Wimbledon, a cricketer striking for golden ashes, mermaids, rugby players - the list is as short as your imagination.

What might be a tedious journey is full of charm - what a lucky commuter I am!