Funny impressions

First impressions count, don't they?

Not really. First impressions are usually based on preconceived ideas and that's never a fair way to judge someone or something.

Take my keyring - well actually, please don't. The car doesn't like it when I try to start it by hot wiring the ignition.

My keyring has the usual cacophony of keys that jangle as I bounce along. But there's also a rather fetching fob - one of those with a photo. The photo is of me taken a couple of years ago at a 10k race. It's an event held annually, every November, to raise money for the RNLI. A fun run in every sense of the word, the competitors wear antlers, much like a reindeer might - that's a reindeer with two legs and a strange taste in clothes.

A friend, I'll call her Gamma Girl, gave me the fob for Christmas that year. I think she thought I'd be too embarrassed to use it. How little she knows me! I proudly leave my keys for all to see - which is where the first impressions come in.

Anyone looking at that photo would perhaps consider me to be barking mad. Wouldn't it be a shame to put me in that category?

No? You agree that I must be ?

Perhaps I'm the exception to the rule!