Full steam ahead!

I'm never short of ideas for articles. What I really need is the motivation to get those ideas into print.

Once the motivation kicks in the words flow - it's just hitting that first key that I struggle with.

Earlier in the week a mate gave me a kick up the backside and an article that had been hanging around was suddenly morphed into a second draft.

So motivated was I that I began looking ahead to the next article that was 'pending'.

Pondering this dilemma - I have several to choose from - I caught the end of a documentary on BBC4 - about trains. I shan't reveal here what relevance that had for me and my WIP - suffice to say I'm on fire and it's full steam ahead!

And if YOU can tell me what the connection is between my WIP and the image on this blog, I'll take my hat off and scoff the thing!