The joy of Blogs is that it allows us all to write, create some nonsense and share it with the rest of the world. But that sharing is rather a grey area - just who reads this stuff, how do they find it?

Every now and then, though not often, I happen across a Blog and, having enjoyed a couple of posts, add it to my favourites until I get bored and delete all trace. Those Blogs are usually recommended to me - I don't just 'find' them.

But last night I felt a little daring, almost risqué - I clicked on the ‘next blog’ button and was taken on a journey across the Atlantic to Seattle.

By pure good fortune I found Disgrazeland. Observational moans and groans, articulated and accentuated with dry wit - a reader's (and writer’s) heaven.

I’ve added Disgrazeland to my favourites and I suspect it’s going to stay there for some time.

Do yourself a favour, have a nose at this wonderful Blog - you won't be disappointed.