Where's your compass taking you?

Anyone who listens to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 will have heard of Jonny Saunders. Jonny is the straight man to Chris’s joker. You can almost hear the beads of sweat drop from Jonny’s forehead when Chris puts him on the spot – but it’s all great fun and Johnny revels in it.

So what connects Jonny to paths and changing plans? Well Jonny is undoubtedly a success. He’s commentated at some of the great sporting events and is part of a successful team, heard by millions every weekday morning.

But that’s not enough for Jonny. For years he’s harboured the dream of becoming a teacher and this week he leaves the show to begin a new career as just that.

Most of us have fond memories of at least one teacher. For them it didn’t seem a job, it was a vocation. For a man to switch careers, to opt out of what must undoubtedly be one of the most sought after roles on radio, shows a depth perhaps not appreciated before.

Jonny is an inspiration. He is walking away from not just a show, but a friend too - he and Chris have worked together for almost seven years.

Chris once said, “Hope is not a plan, you need a strategy”. That’s something we should all consider. Hoping life changes isn’t enough. You need a plan. Jonny Saunders has that plan and it may be taking him on another path, but he’s brave enough to do it.

So what’s your plan?