What kind of a fan are you?

My natural ability ties me to the sofa when it comes to sport. Yes, I am a keen walker - anything up to 26 miles - and I've even been known to enter the odd half marathon as a runner. But that's about it.

I can happily watch a sporting spectacular, safe in the knowledge that I will never participate - at any level.

Last weekend saw the Grand Prix being played out in Germany. I've been a fan of this for decades, but I can't explain why. Perhaps it's because the drivers are so focused, so single-minded - that's something to be admired in any success - sporting or otherwise.

But what kind of a driver would I make?

I hate conflict and confrontation so I think it's fair to say that I'd be the one at the back, playing it safe. The likes of Webber and Button can sleep easy in their beds, knowing my little Corsa won't trouble their world title fight.

As a runner, yes I really did run, I was also the one at the back. Far from deliberately playing it safe my legs were never designed for speed. Mental strength is as important as physical when it comes to running and one has to take any success, no matter how slim.

Me? In my last half marathon I concluded that my greatest success was not letting the guy dressed as a rhino overtake me!