What do your socks say about you?

Important advice: If you think your socks are actually talking about you, seek medical advice – urgently!

No, I’m talking about the patterns and the colours. Are your drawers full of bland colours or do you go for the quirky?

Christmas is a great time of year to demonstrate how much we love someone – and to give them socks, of course.

Weird and wonderful patterns adorn the toes of a nation. But what happens after Christmas? In fact, what happens during Christmas?

The wrapping paper’s ripped off and you pull on those socks, covered with cute little Santas. But what next? You can’t wear them all week, can you? So that’s it until next year.

It’s criminal to tuck them away – so why not bring them out for a summer airing. Yes, let’s be kind to our socks. Remember – they’re not just for Christmas!