This Sherlock's no repeat!

Wednesday night, that means a return to Sherlock.

Rather than bleat on again about the good fortune of repeats, I'm going to reveal something rather intriguing about why I find the programme fascinating.
Let's put aside the talents of the writers and Team Sherlock et al - no, it's not something that obvious.

Sherlock is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. That's it. In a nutshell.

I can hear you scratching your heads - not that you have more than one, but the collective get the picture.

Dominic is the son of actors Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton (Cumberbatch) - so very much a second generation actor.

He's part of a new generation that are following in the footsteps of their famous and talented parents.

Who's there with him? Perhaps we should include Rupert Penry-Jones (Angela Thorne and Peter Penry-Jones), Joe Armstrong (Alun Armstrong) and Lucy Briers (Richard Briers). Of course there are many more and perhaps some are more famous. But these represent a certain type of actor - grafters, the ones that make it look easy. They always turn out solid work, of a good quality and are always reliable.

Acting dynasties are nothing new - look at the Regrave clan. But I find it most reassuring that our drama - both in the theatre and on TV - is in such safe hands.

And what of Martin Freeman, I hear you ask? Dr Watson could be planning his own dynasty. His partner and mother to his children is actress Amanda Abington. Not sure who she is? She most recently appeared in the detective series Case Histories and is one of the nutty chocaholics in the Malteser adverts.