Stand and deliver!

There was a report in the paper this week complaining about how some posties are leaving ‘couldn’t deliver’ cards without even attempting to do their job.

I found that hard to believe - until yesterday.

As I walked downstairs an amount of post flew threw the letter box – and with it was a card informing me that a package was too large.

I quickly opened the door and the postie was at my neighbour’s house. He told me that the parcel was in his van, down the road – meaning he had not even attempted its delivery.

Let me sit on the fence for a while and consider this. My parcel was large and would have been cumbersome for him to carry along the street from the van if I was out. But that’s part of his job, right? And surely he wrote that card in the van too.

As I pull my crumpled Mac closer and adopt a Columbo-like stance, I have to say that was a premeditated attempt at copping out.