Maybe a maple mountain?

Breakfast is, apparently, the most important meal of the day. It is in my house. Miss that meal and I morph into a grumpy old cow. I know, hard to believe. But the rumbling tummy and the low energy seems to shave off any illusion of good humour.

So does that mean you need a full belly to laugh? Possibly – but you’re also likely to have blocked arteries if you take that too literally.

Me? A slice of wholemeal toast, smeared with olive oil spread and marmalade, washed down with a glass of something fruity and topped off with two mugs of black coffee – no sugar.

Over the great pond and you could be faced with a mountain of pancakes, peaks dripping with maple syrup. Might be nice to try if for the experience, but don’t expect any light-heartedness from me. No, a balanced start to the day, albeit it floating on caffeine will do me fine.