Less is more?

Yes – in the case of Barrington Court, a National Trust property in Somerset.

This splendid house and gardens has an interesting past. Bought by Sir Arthur Lyle (of Tate and Lyle fame) to house his vast collection of wood panels it now stands empty, allowing the wood to be admired in all its glory.

Where normally a visitor would walk around, peering at the furniture and paintings from afar and through a gloom of closed blinds, Barrington Court has almost no drapes. Nothing blocks the glorious sun from shining on the rich tones inside.

There are no signs restricting visitors from touching or photographing the interior. Tactile wood demands a caress and it gets many.

While the National Trust canvass opinions as to whether the house should be re-furnished, I for one hope it’s left empty.

The house, its architecture and wood, is worthy of a pedestal. I can’t wait to return.

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