Japanese invasion?

Have you ever heard of Haiku? I was aware of it, but had to Google the subject to get the finer details.

Haiku is a form of poetry, originally from Japan. There are many rules that govern its creation, but there is a simpler form used in this country. Poems are of three lines and follow a Five, Seven, Five syllable rule.

A fellow writer set a competition on her Blog for a Haiku poem based on a film. Having just seen The Black Swan, I decided to swim with that one.

The Black Swan

Calm on the water
Sheer like the glass of her stab
The swan was her death

Many thanks to Shirley for setting the competition. Shirley's a very successful poet and writer and I'm chuffed to bits that she thought my few words worthy of the winner's prize.

The following is a link to Shirley' Blog and her own Haiku - inspired by the great John Wayne film, The Searchers.

Shirley's Blog