How long's your foot?

What does a foot mean to you? Twelve inches, 30cms, five toes?

A foot is a standard however you measure it. Or is it?

As the excitement of next year's London Olympics reaches almost hysterical levels, it's time to consider feet.

Hugh Robertson (Olympics Minister, allegedly), Lord (Seb) Coe and and Colin Jackson all bared their soles to have them immortalised in plaster - the first step towards the Olympics.

Rather than consider the importance of those first steps I was drawn to the varied shapes of those feet. The arches seem to be the key and Mr Jackson seems to have the widest and lowest of the lot.

As the three men faced the media, their yard - all three feet of it - was presented. My only question is, who on earth thought this idea up?

Anyone who's watched the BBC's comedy Twenty Twelve will know who to point the toe of blame at!