Where's the postcard?

Have you noticed how time has the ability to speed up or slow down without any obvious explanation?

Any woman who's had to take a comfort break behind a convenient bush will know what I mean. You're out for a walk in the middle of nowhere and need to spend a penny. Spotting a secluded spot you check for spectators and make a dash for it. This simple bodily function normally takes seconds, but as you hear voices coming towards you it takes forever. Will you finish before they reach you? Will they turn that bend and catch a peek of your bare-faced cheek?

The same theory applies to holidays. The weeks and months that lead up to that great getaway seem to drag as you fight your way through never-ending days at work. Suddenly that great day arrives and off you fly.

Two weeks are ahead of you, but in a blink of an eye it's over. A pile of washing replaces those glorious Canadian peaks and days spent trekking in solitude become marches to work. Yes, the holiday's over - welcome back!