Have you ever considered why golfers wear such outrageous outfits? Bright colours, contrasting belts and knitwear that only the keenest knitter would purl.

I heard an explanation, actually it was more of a justification, from a golfer. Golf is one of the few sports that can be played wearing virtually anything. So to reinforce it as a sport, participants have almost created the need to change into kit - albeit a kit that's fit for a knit.

That all sounds reasonable enough. But before you cast off, let me stick the needle back in and ask this, why don't women golfers follow suit? They wouldn't seem out of place at Tesco - and their trousers don't have those full legs that supposedly allow men to swing to their hearts content.

Unusually it's the men that are the victims of fashion in this sport - and the ladies who are happy to remain in the shade.