Can I hear you groaning?

Comedians are great communicators, aren’t they? But on top of that they also have imaginations so vast they believe we share their visions too.

I decided to add a small (and not very funny) joke to a page on my website. The page didn’t reflect me, it was flat and dare I say it, boring. So I added a joke – click here – to read it.

I made the decision to add it because I’d just completed a mail shot and the opening line revealed… that I am the Meatloaf of copywriters – Concise, Creative and Comical – well, two out of three ain’t bad!

Incredibly that opening line did what I hoped, got me noticed. Rather than just delete my message, I was actually receiving replies. One even commented “Many thanks for your email. Meatloaf eh? I once knew someone who was a dead ringer for him...”

Humour, even corny humour, can do the trick – although I’m pretty sure that many of the readers had to Google Mr Meatloaf!