Bursting that bubble!

A week or two ago I was lucky enough to have a letter published in a magazine. My reward arrived today – a beautiful Moleskine® notebook – or as their blurb announces a legendary notebook.

This useful book is ideal to slip inside a rucksack, ready for any wannabe writer to record their inspirational or (in most cases) irrelevant ideas.

But that’s not what really excited me. I’ve had letters published in that magazine before and I’m now building quite a stock of these books. No, what thrilled me more was the bubble wrap the book had been sealed in.

I know - I’m the child who enjoyed playing with the boxes and not the toys. But bubble wrap is something a little different. You just can’t beat the satisfaction of working your way across a sheet of the stuff, piercing each bubble.

Apparently it’s a great stress-reliever, and I wouldn’t doubt that. I sense you’re looking around nervously, trying to recall if you have any stashed away. Relax, I have the solution. Click here for an on-line version. Trust me, you’ll love it – it even sounds right!