Are you brave enough to streak?

Have you heard of the Mallens? It’s a series of books written by Catherine Cookson and televised decades ago. There was common theme running through the saga, the Mallen Streak.

A flash of white hair tied the family together tighter than any DNA test.

Of course we can’t fight our genes - we are what we’re given. From the shape of our noses, to the colour of our hair – it’s beyond our control.

My mother began to turn grey in her twenties and I had the odd white hair emerge when I was a similar age.

I resisted the temptation to colour my hair for some time, but in my 30s I decided that it was ageing me prematurely and took the first step to colour my crown.

Now, as I spot the big five-oh on the horizon I’ve taken the brave, some might say reckless, step to leave it to nature.

After a few trims my natural colour is beginning to shine through and I love it. Yes, there is a generous sprinkling of grey, but it’s not yet in the same league as a Mallen.

Of course I can always change my mind, maybe I’ll opt for a purple rinse – but not just yet!