Are you a magazine muncher?

Not sure what I mean? Well you buy a magazine, attracted by the bright and breezy images on the cover. The main articles get a header there too and you just can’t resist.

Back home you settle down to read your treasure, but don’t really have time to cover the whole mag. So you flick through, pick out the articles that caught your eye, read a few lines and then flick on.

Life then trots along and the magazines get transferred to the coffee table. Why are they called coffee tables? Not only do I never place coffee on mine, I don’t actually have one! I know, shocking. There’s possibly a literary term for that – my illustrating a point by writing something completely fictitious.

But I’ve been distracted. Not only have I failed to read the magazine I’ve failed to write about not reading it too.

Millions of magazines are bought each week and month, but how many are actually read? Well in my household, not many. It gets worse. I deceive myself into thinking my lack of attention is temporary and become snared into a subscription offer. No longer do I need to worry about giving into temptation in a shop – Postman Pat will now force-feed me magazines at home.

What to do? A quick search of the internet tells me there’s a magazine out there for me – The Last Magazine You Ever Need. So shall I give in to temptation and buy it?